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These days, the simple act of posting a job vacancy is no longer sufficient. Finding the right people takes more than words on paper. It requires time, attention and connection. It requires understanding, willpower and motivation. It requires getting to the essence: What are you looking for and why? How will this help your organisation? How will the candidate benefit from this? Together we clarify what you’re looking for.


Being transparent is an essential part of my work. I don’t break promises. Once I believe in your question, I can easily communicate this to the candidate. My approach is characterised by a high degree of involvement, craftsmanship, empathy and the ability to understand interrelationships. In order to ensure that I deliver the best results, I tailor my approach according to the steps below.



An introductory meeting

With you, to get to the essence of things: What are you looking for? Why do you want new talent? What can you offer and promise?


Build an extensive profile

Based on your input (client, directly responsible manager(s) and colleagues). It's not just about the requirements regarding knowledge and experience; but what personality best suits your company culture? This is an essential aspect that helps someone thrive in the workplace.


We discuss the profile together

Then, by means of 'direct search', I look for suitable candidates on LinkedIn and within my network. The extensive profile is shared with them.


I have extensive conversations

Conversations of about two hours with a number of suitable candidates. These are open and honest conversations, where finding the right candidate takes pretence over closing a deal.


The best candidates

Next, I plan interviews with the best candidates.


Staying on top of things

After a successful placement I will conduct follow-up interviews after three and twelve months for the purpose of expectation management.

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